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Gross Studies on Wing Flight Feathers of Small Indian Kite

Aarti Sharma S. C. Dubal
Vol 9(1), 119-124

The study was conducted on the wings of six adult kites (Milvus migrans govinda) irrespective of sex. Male and female birds have the same plumage but female birds are longer than male. The samples were collected from the cadavers presented to the Bodakdev (Wildlife Care Center) and Namo Namah Parivar, Ahmedabad. The present study showed that primary feathers were 10 in number and attached to the manus (carpometacarpus and digits), which were appeared as finger due to their structure. The number of secondary feathers varied according to the length of wing which were 12 to 15 and attached to the ulna. The numbers of allula were 2 to 3, which attached with first digit. The observations of present study concluded the type of flight (soaring and gliding) and type of bird (bird of prey).

Keywords : Alula Bird of Prey Manus Primary Feathers Secondary Feathers Small Indian Kite

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