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Growth Kinetics of Pasteurella multocida B: 2 in Iron Controlled Conditions in Broth Media

Rajat Varshney Vinod Chaturvedi Aditya Agrawal Bablu Kumar
Vol 8(5), 205-212

To investigate the role of iron on the bacterial biomass of Pasteurella multocida B: 2, the cultivation of P. multocida B: 2 was done in casein-sucrose-yeast (CSY) broth supplemented with varying amount of FeSO4 (iron rich conditions) or 2, 2’ bipyridyl (BP) (iron limited conditions). The preliminary studies showed substantial growth of P. multocida B: 2 in broth with CSY-3, CSY-3+ 100 µM FeSO4, CSY-3 + 100 µM BP media in the shaking and stationary culture on 18 hrs post inoculation. Hence, these media were selected for growth kinetics study of P. multocida B: 2 in both shaking and stationary incubation at 37 °C upto 18 hrs. The growth of P. multocida B: 2 was measured via spectrophotometer at OD600nm and observed that P. multocida B: 2 showed better bacterial biomass on iron rich media in comparison to iron limited media.

Keywords : Bacterial Biomass Growth Kinetics Pasteurella multocida B: 2

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