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Haematobiochemical Alterations of Oral Acute Profenofos Toxicity in Broiler Birds

Arjun Kafle Dulal C Roy Jadav Sarma Satya Sarma Rajkishor Gogoi
Vol 7(3), 123-128

The present study was carried out to evaluate the acute effect of profenofos, in broiler chicken in relation to haematological and biochemical alterations. Twenty day old chicks were divided into two groups (Group I and Group II), ten in each group. Group I was kept as control, while Group II was treated with 16 mg profenofos (LD50) once orally. Blood was collected periodically from 0 to 36 hours to estimate haematological (Hb, TEC, TLC, Lymphocyte and heterophil count) and biochemical (ALT, AST, ALP, Uric acid, Total cholesterol and cholinesterase) changes. The level of all haematological parameters tested was found to be significantly higher except the lymphocyte count. Under biochemical estimation the level of cholinesterase was significantly lower while the rest showed significant elevation. The results indicated that the profenofos cause significant changes in both haematological and biochemical parameters of the birds under study.

Keywords : Acute Profenofos Broiler Haematological Biochemical

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