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Haemoparasites (Anaplasmosis) of Wild Cane Rats (Thryonomys Swinderianus) in Kogi State, North Central Nigeria

Joshua Luka Ekele Onyeka
Vol 2(3), 93-97

Haemoparasitism was investigated among 108 captured wild grass cutters (Thryonomys swinderianus) in Kogi State, north central Guinea savannah zone of Nigeria. Examination of thick and thin smears prepared using blood obtained from the tail veins of the investigated rats, was used for the detection of the presence of infection. Anaplasma marginale was the only haemoparasite encountered in the study. An overall infection rate of (5.55%) was recorded among the investigated rats. The distribution of the parasite among the investigated rats based on sex shows that 2(5.88%) of the 34 female rats were positive, while 4(5.40%) of the 74 males were infected with the Anaplasma marginale. On the basis of the age of the rats examined, 6 of them were youngs below 6 months of age with no infection recorded among them, while the remaining 102 adults had 6(5.88%) of them infected with the Anaplasma marginale.There was no statistical significant variation in the prevalence of Anaplasma marginale based on sex and age of the examined grass cutters (P˃0.05). This report further reiterates the occurrence of anaplasmosis among rodent population and represents the first report from the study area and one of the few among grass cutters(Thryonomys swinderianus).The finding is of great epidemiological significance in view of the potentials of grass cutters(Thryonomys swinderianus) to serve as reservoir host of anaplamosis in Nigeria.

Keywords : Anaplasma marginale Grasscutter Haemoparasites Nigeria

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