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Health Care Management Practices Followed by Buffalo Rearing Farmers in Bidar, Karnataka

Vranda R. Satyanarayan K. Jagadeeswary V. Shilpa Shree J.
Vol 7(5), 168-174

Dairy farming is one of the important activities among the rural farmers as it provides sustainable income and reduces unemployment. The study on health care management practices of buffaloes was purposively conducted in Bidar district of Karnataka with a total sample of 180 buffalo farmers selected randomly. The study revealed that Majority of the farmers had animal health care facility (77.78%) and were availing animal health care services both from Veterinarian and Para-Veterinarian staff (36.12%). Majority of the farmers bathed their buffaloes once in a week (53.33%) and never used sanitizer or disinfectant for cleaning their shed (97.22%). High per cent of the farmers did not take any precautionary measures for sick/diseased animals (73.88%) and ectoparasitic control (46.67%). Further, majority (88.89%) did not take any special management care during advanced pregnancy. Most of the farmers expressed insufficient information about deworming importance/schedule as a major animal health care constraint. To minimise the gap between recommended scientific practices and the existing practices, training programmes on improved health care management practices will help the farmers to overcome the certain health care management problems and helps in increase of production as well as income generation.

Keywords : Buffaloes Health Care Management Constraints

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