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Hematologial Changes and Tissue Biochemical Profile in Doxorubicin Induced Testicular Toxicity and Its Amelioration with Quercetin in Male Albino Wistar Rats

S.Divya D. Madhuri M. Lakshman A. Gopal Reddy
Vol 7(10), 148-153

Study was conducted to evaluate hematological and tissue biochemical profile in doxorubicin induced testicular toxicity and its amelioration by quercetin. A total of 48 male albino rats (Wistar strain) were randomly divided into 4 groups consisting of 12 in each group. Group 1-control, Group 2-Doxorubicin treated @4mg/kg b.wt intraperitoneally weekly once. Group 3-treated with quercetin @ 80mg/kg b.wt, orally daily. Group 4-treated with doxorubicin @ 4 mg/kg b.wt, intraperitoneally weekly once and quercetin @ 80mg/kg b.wt, orally daily. Hematological studies revealed that overall mean values of PCV, Hb, TEC, TLC were significantly (P<0.05) reduced in group 2. Studies on tissue oxidative parameters revealed significant (P<0.05) increase of TBARS and significant (P<0.05) decrease of GSH, SOD, CAT and testicular LDH in group 2 compared with control. Improvement was noticed in all the above parameters in Group 4 in comparison with Group 2.

Keywords : Doxorubicin Hematological Changes Quercetin Rats Tissue Oxidant Profile

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