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Hematological and Biochemical Parameters of Three Indigenous Chicken Breeds during Summer Season

Swathi Bora Srinivas Gurram Raju Sagi
Vol 7(9), 47-52

In the present study hematological and biochemical parameters of three indigenous chicken breeds during summer season was investigated. For this 120 mature birds, forty birds from each indigenous breeds Aseel, Kadaknath and Rajasri were used. Among hematological parameters, a significant difference was noticed in total red blood cells, haemoglobin, packed cell volume and mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration. A significantly (p<0.05) high total RBC (106/ µl) was recorded in Rajasri (3.19) compared to Aseel and Kadaknath. Highest haemoglobin was recorded in Rajasri (12.65g/dL) followed by Aseel (12.46g/dL) and least in Kadaknath (11.80g/dL). High PCV % was recorded in Rajasri (45.46), followed by Kadaknath (43.58) and least in Aseel (41.83). The high MCHC was recorded in Aseel (29.73) followed by Rajasri (27.78) and least in Kadaknath (26.98). There was no significant difference noticed in other hematological parameters. No significant differences were observed among values of serum bilirubin, SGOT, SGPT, Calcium, Phosphorus and blood glucose within the three breeds. There was a significant (p<0.05) difference observed in the values of total protein (g/dl) between breeds where high serum total protein (g/dl) was recorded in Kadaknath (3.48) followed by Rajasri (3.37) and least in Aseel (3.26). Higher serum cholesterol (mg/ dl) was found in Aseel (97.24) followed by Kadaknath (79.24) and least in Rajasri(61.35).

Keywords : Aseel Biochemical Parameters Hematological Parameters Kadaknath Rajasri

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