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Histochemical Studies on Prenatal Lung of Gaddi Sheep

Brij Vanita Rajesh Rajput Virender Pathak
Vol 9(2), 114-119

Detailed histochemical studies were conducted on (n=18) lung samples of Gaddi sheep fetuses. The lung samples were divided into three groups on the basis of their days of gestation as group-I (0-50 days of gestation), group-II (50-100 days of gestation) and group-III (100-150 days of gestation). Histochemical activity showed presence of glycogen, basic protein and fat in basement membrane of tubule, parenchyma/mesenchyme, bronchiole and bronchi basement membrane, blood vessel wall, alveoli, Type I & Type II alveolar cells, trabeculae, capsule and cartilage. A moderate activity was observed for glycogen in parenchyma and basement membrane of bronchioles in group-II. A strong reaction for basic protein was observed in alveoli and wall of blood vessels in group-III and a weak activity for fat was found in the basement membrane of bronchiole in group-III.

Keywords : Alveoli Bronchiole Gaddi Sheep Histochemistry Prenatal Lung

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