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Histogenesis of Testis in Gaddi Sheep Foetii

Parul Shukla Rajesh Rajput
Vol 9(6), 255-263

The histogenesis of the testis was studied in sixty eight Gaddi sheep foetii ranging from 36th day to 140th day (2 cm to 40 cm CRL) of gestation. The foetii were measured for their crown-rump length (CRL) in cm and were divided into four stages on the basis of their age viz. stage I (31-60 days), stage II (61-90 days), stage III (91-120 days) and stage IV (121- till term). In the indifferent gonad the cortex and medulla were differentiable by 37th day of gestation. The tunica albuginea and seminiferous tubules containing large cells, small cells and sertoli cells were observed on 46th day of gestation. The tunica albuginea was distinguishable in outer tunica fibrosa and inner tunica vasculosa on 50th day of gestation. The process of convolution started in the developing sex cords by 61st day of gestation and seen clearly on 137th day of gestation.

Keywords : Gonad Gaddi Histogenesis Sheep Testis

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