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Histological and Oxidative Alterations in the Kidney of Rats Induced with Hypothyroidism and Amelioration with Withania Somnifera and Shilajit

Ramya Boinepally Anand Kumar Aryasomayajula Gopala Reddy Aalla Shiva Kumar Pabbathi
Vol 8(3), 182-191

The experiment was conducted to evaluate blood glucose, antioxidant parameters and histopathological changes in kidney of experimentally induced hypothyroidism in rats. The study was for a period of 3 months in 21 days old weaned female Sprague drawly rats (96). The rats were divided into 8 groups with 12 no. in each group. They were treated as: Group 1: Eut-hyroid Group 2: Hypothyroidism with Methimazole @ 0.02% Group 3: Hypothyroid + LT4 Group 4: Withania somnifera root extract control Group 5: Hypothyroid +Withania somnifera root extract Group 6: Shilajit control Group 7: Hypothyroid + Shilajit Group 8: Hypothyroid +Withania somnifera root extract + Shilajit, both herbs @ 100 mg/Kg b. wt. The serum T3, T4 concentrations and glutathione in hypothyroid group were significantly (p<0.05) lower. The mean serum glucose concentration, Serum TSH, thiobarbituric acid reacting substances and protein carbonyls in the hypothyroid group were significantly (p<0.05) higher. No gross abnormalities were observed in group II. Histopathological sections of kidney in parent stock and F1 generation in group II revealed similar lesions with mild degree of variation. The lesions observed were degenerative changes in the tubules, loss of glomeruli or empty glomeruli. Lesions in other groups were mild to moderate. The present study indicated presence of physiological and functional effects of hypothyroidism in experimental model and usage of herbal drugs may have beneficiary role in treating hypothyroididm.

Keywords : Hypothyroidism Methimazole Shilajit Withania somnifera

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