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Histomorphological Evaluation of Medial Patellar Ligament Affected with Upward Luxation of Patella in Cattle

Pushapnath Balaso Chougale Raviraj Vinayak Suryawanshi Anil Hiroji Ulemale Sanjay Baburao Lambate Chandrashekhar S. Mote Ajit Bayaji Mali Yogesh B. Jadhav

Clinical study was carried on twenty cattle aged between 6-13 years (6.25±0.59 years) presented with chief complaint of upward luxation of patella to investigate this musculoskeletal malady in dairy animals. Affected medial patellar ligament was harvested via open desmotomy whereas normal ligament was also collected from animals that died due to automobile accident for comparative purpose and preserved in 2.5% glutaraldehyde solution. Histopathological examination of affected ligament showed degenerative changes characterized by unevenly distributed and broken collagen fibers, atrophy and hypertrophied collagen fiber with loss of nuclei indicative cellular alterations. Scanning electron microscopy of affected ligament showed derangement in collagen fiber bundles arranged irregularly, wavy, loose and remarkable gap between two collagen fiber bundles was noted. Transmission electron microscopy showed thin and disorganized collagen fiber bundles with heterogenecity of size and diameter in collagen fiber bundles. To concludes, affected medial patellar ligament undergoes several degenerative changes in collagen fibrils that lead to changes in structure – function relationship causes luxation of patella in cattle.

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