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Histomorphological Study of Harderian Gland in Japanese Quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica)

C. Lavanya K. Balasundaram S. Jayachitra R. Madheswaran
Vol 9(8), 197-202

Harderian gland acts as a peripheral lymphoid organ in avian species, which involved in activation and terminal differentiation of B lymphocytes and proliferation of plasma cells. The Harderian gland samples were collected from different age groups of Japanese quail birds and the tissues were processed through routine techniques for studying the histomorphological details of the organ. The Harderian gland was a compound tubulo acinar gland comprised of secretory acini in the periphery of the gland with ductular system composed of tertiary, secondary and primary ducts. The interstitial space of the gland contained large population of age dependent plasma cells, lymphocytes, Russell bodies, myoepithelial cells and mast cells. The number of plasma cells and Russell bodies increased from first week of age to adult age, with maximum population observed between 2nd and 3rd months of age in Japanese quail.

Keywords : Age Related Changes Harderian Gland Histology Japanese Quail

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