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Histopathological and Bacteriological Study of Multiple Hepatic Abscesses in a Crossbred Piglet

Menaka Sethi Tareni Das Jeny K John Beena Vamadevan Neelam Tomar Guttala Saikumar
Vol 7(7) 280-283

A carcass of female cross bred piglet aged 20 days from an organised swine farm, IVRI was presented for necropsy examination. At necropsy, multiple liver abscess covering entire surface of liver was observed and upon incision creamy white pus oozed out from the cystic spaces. Spleen was enlarged and congested. Histopathological changes in liver included disorganization and distortion of the hepatic cords with degenerative and necrotic changes of the hepatocytes. Abscess was characterised by heavy infiltration of polymorph nuclear cells and severe haemorrhages in hepatic parenchyma. Necrotic areas were also infiltrated with mononuclear cells and surrounded by connective tissue capsules. Other significant changes were hyperplasia of the biliary duct epithelial cells, infiltration of neutrophils in the spleen and lungs. Bacteriological examination of liver sample revealed both P. aeruginosa and E.coli.

Keywords : Hepatic Abscess Pseudomonas aeruginosa E. coli Piglet

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