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Histopathological Study on Ameliorative Effects of Triphala (Emblica officinalis, Terminalia bellirica and Terminalia chebula) on Jatropha Deoiled Seed Cake Induced Toxicity in Broiler Chicken

Sreelakshmi M. S. Mammen J. Abraham N.D. Nair Manomohan C.B. Usha P.T.A. Vishnurahav R.B.
Vol 7(7), 118-122

A study was undertaken to evaluate the histopathological effect of triphala on Jatropha (Jatropha curcus) deoiled cake induced toxicity in broiler chicken. Two weeks old, seventy two, vencob broiler chicks maintained on standard broiler diet (BIS, 1992) were randomly divided into four groups of eighteen birds each. Group I was maintained on standard broiler diet, group II was given standard diet supplemented with five per cent raw Jatropha deoiled seed cake (JSC). Group III was given five per cent untreated JSC as well as four per cent triphala and group IV was given five per cent untreated JSC for first two weeks, four per cent triphala for last four weeks. The experimental birds were maintained on the respective dietary regimes for a period of 42 days. All the birds were monitored regularly for clinical symptoms and mortality. Six birds from each group were randomly selected and sacrificed at fortnightly intervals and subjected to detailed postmortem examination. Pathological changes observed in group II birds were severe congestion of liver, spleen, lung and kidney, enteritis with intestinal ulceration, ecchymotic haemorrhages on the epicardium and endocardium of heart. Even though, supplementation of JSC containing feed with triphala markedly reduced the intensity of lesions in all vital organs, it was not found to have complete ameliorative effects.

Keywords : Broiler Chicken Jatropha Seed Cake Histopathology Triphala

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