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Hormonal Management of Postpartum Anestrus and Subestrus Buffaloes and Its Effect on Blood Plasma Constituents

R. M. Kalasariya A. J. Dhami K. K. Hadiya J. A. Patel
Vol 8(2), 217-224

Postpartum (>120 days) true anestrus (n=12) and subestrus (n=13) buffaloes were treated with single i/m injection of Buserelin acetate (GnRH) 10 μg and PGF2α (Cloprostenol) 500 μg, respectively. Eight (66.67%) anestrus and 12 (92.31%) subestrus buffaloes responded to treatment with mean estrus induction intervals of 13.00±1.85 days and 67.67±0.97 hrs, respectively. The overall 3 cycles’ conception rates were 87.50 (7/8) and 75.00 (9/12) per cent with mean number of services per conception 2.28 and 2.55, respectively, in two groups. Mean plasma progesterone (P4) concentrations on the day of treatment and on the day of estrus were at basal level in both conceived and non-conceived animals of anestrus group, but on day 12 post-AI, the levels increased significantly (p<0.01), with higher (p<0.05) values in pregnant as compared to non-pregnant animals. The plasma P4 values on the day of PGF2α injection were high in subestrus animals, which dropped significantly (p<0.01) with onset of behavioural estrus and on day 12 post-AI, the mean levels again increased significantly (p<0.01), and in pregnant buffaloes it was higher (p<0.05) as compared to non-pregnant animals. Protein levels were higher at all stages in non-pregnant than in pregnant animals of anestrus group, but differed significantly on the day of estrus in subestrus animals. Plasma cholesterol levels were higher in pregnant than in non-pregnant animals of anestrus group at each observation, with significant difference recorded on the day of GnRH treatment. Its levels continuously declined significantly (p<0.05) from the day of treatment to estrus and to day 12 post-AI in pregnant animals, suggesting its better utilization in steroidogesis. However, a reverse trend in plasma cholesterol concentrations was noted between pregnant and non-pregnant animals of subestrus group. The cholesterol level was non-significantly higher in subestrus animals than in those of anestrus group. The concentrations of plasma triglycerides in anestrus and subestrus animals were lower in pregnant than in non-pregnant animals. There was no much variation in values of minerals Ca, P, Mg between different days or between pregnancy status in any of the infertile groups. In general, the hormonal therapy was beneficial in improving fertility in anestrus and subestrus buffaloes and suitably altered the plasma progesterone profile.

Keywords : Anestrus Buffalo Blood Profile Conception Rate Hormone Therapy Subestrus

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