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Human Taeniasis in Health Centers and Bovine Cysticercosis in Selected Abattoirs in Addis Ababa and Modjo, Ethiopia

Asefa Deressa Moti Yohannes Meskel Alemayehu Hailu Degefu Tadele Tolosa Mahendra Pal
Vol 2(2), 206-216

Taeniasis and bovine cysticercosis are common parasitic infections in developing countries like Ethiopia. The purpose of this study was to know the prevalence of taeniasis and Cysticercus bovis using active and retrospective assessment in Addis Ababa and Modjo from November 2009 to March 2010. For this cross-sectional study stool samples were collected from Saint Paul Hospital, Ethiopian Health and Nutrition Research Institute and clinics at Addis Ababa Abattoir and Luna Export Abattoir. The stool samples were examined for the presence of Taenia spp eggs microscopically and cattle slaughtered during the study period were also subjected to postmortem inspection to study bovine cysticercosis. Case book records were also assessed to get information on situation of taeniasis and bovine cysticercosis. Out of 384 stool samples examined, the overall prevalence of Taenia spp. egg was 8.1%. The prevalence at different stool sampling sites was not found statistically significant (P>0.05). Taenia saginata infection was found higher among age group 26-30 years followed by individuals with greater than 40 years of age (P<0.05). The sex-wise prevalence was 8.4% and 7.8% in female and male (P>0.05), respectively. From a total of 61000 cattle carcass inspected using active abattoir survey of both sites, 3.7% were found positive for C. bovis. On the basis of retrospective survey, of 366 total stool samples collected throughout the year and the prevalence of Taenia spp. egg was 6.6%. Age and sex-wise Taenia spp. egg were observed more in 26-30 years age categories as compared to less than 15 years age categories. Of a total 33289 cattle slaughtered between 2001 and 2008 at Addis Ababa abattoir 1.04% had C. bovis cyst. The results of the present study clearly indicated the economic as well as public health significances of the infection. Thus, interdisciplinary collaboration between veterinarians and medical personnel is imperative to help in the control of this infection.

Keywords : Abattoir Cysticercus bovis Ethiopia Prevalence Stool sample Taeniasis

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