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Hunting Dog Breeds of Turkey

Orhan Yilmaz
Vol 8(3), 1-5

The present day inhabitants of modern Turkey arrived in the country with the expansion of the Turkic Empire out from Central Asia in the middle of the eleventh century. They travelled with their herds and flocks and with the guard and hunting dogs as part of their array of domestic animals. In the one thousand years since their arrival several specialized dog breeds have developed. This paper describes three such, one is a sighthound, one is a scent hound, and one is a chaser dog. The sighthound (Tazi) is similar to other Near and Middle East greyhounds. The scent hound (Tarsus Catalburun also known in English as Fork-nose and Turkish Pointer) is little known outside Turkey but is celebrated in its home area for its skills and is finding employment as a sniffer dog for narcotics, explosives and live and dead people. The chaser dog of Zagar is also called as Kopay, Kopoy, Tavsanci (Hare hunter), Izsüren (Chaser), Cakir. It is especially used for hare hunting.

Keywords : Animal Legislation Breed Societies Hunting Dogs Native Breed Welfare

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