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Identification of Primary Ossification Centers in the Skull of Buffalo Fetus by Modified Alizarin Red-S Method

E. Raja Ravi Teja N. Rajendranath
Vol 7(12), 111-113

In this modified alizarin red-s method the fetuses were fixed in 10 per cent Neutral buffered formalin for 1 week. Reduced the potassium hydroxide digestion time to secure the muscular system and then stained with alizarin red-s. Excess stain was removed by fresh 4 per cent potassium hydroxide solution. Stained fetuses were cleared for 2 weeks by using two clearing agents. The primary ossification centers of the skull bones were clearly visible. The fetuses were preserved in glycerin.

Keywords : Alizarin Red-S Fetus Primary Ossification Centers Potassium Hydroxide Skull

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