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Ileal Diverticulitis in an Aseel Chick

M. Pradeep M. R. Reddy R. Singh
Vol 7(5), 261-265

Ileal diverticulitis is a rarely reported condition in poultry. Diverticulum of ileum was noticed in a 4 weeks old male Aseel chick, out of 16622 carcasses of chickens of different lines/breeds necropsied and screened for gut lesions for a period of one year. The chick had stunted growth. The diverticulum was present at mid ileum at its mesenteric surface with 0.5 cm long patent stalk and a distal blind sac of 5cm diameter engorged with gas and semisolid brownish contents. Histologically the sac wall was composed of from outer to inner; serosal lining, oedematous muscle layer, cornified epithelium and diphtheritic membrane with scattered areas of inflammatory cells composed heterophils and lymphocytes. The diverticulum may be an acquired type which got inflamed and affected the development of the chick. This is a first report of ileal diverticulum in a native chicken like Aseel.

Keywords : Ileal Diverticulum Aseel Chick 4week Old Stunted Growth

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