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Impact of Rearing Backyard Poultry on the Food Security and Economic Status of Underprivileged Sections in Nalgonda District of Telangana State

Daida Krishna Srinivas Gurram
Vol 8(2), 121-129

Rural poultry production is being recognized as an important component of socio economic improvement among Schedule caste / Schedule tribe communities. Rural poultry generates self employment, provides subsidiary income with protein rich food at relatively low cost. Under DBT project, an improved variety for backyard i.e. Rajasri birds were distributed among the rural SC/ST families in Nalgonda district of Telangana to improve their livelihood and nutritional security through backyard rearing. In the present study, the Rajasri birds achieved sexual maturity at the age of 165 days with an average body weight of 1200-1300 grams under scavenging conditions. The average egg production/unit was 1200-1300 eggs upto 52 weeks with an average egg weight of 45-50 grams. The results revealed a significant (p<0.05) increase in subsidiary income (@ Rs 35.06 per day per beneficiary) by sale of eggs and male birds and also noticed significant increase in consumption of eggs and meat among SC/ST families. Moreover, rearing of Rajasri birds enhanced the confidence levels of poor farmers and rural women by generating income source for themselves.

Keywords : SC/ST Rajasri livelihood Food security and Telangana

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