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Improving Dietary Fiber Content of Chicken Meat Sausages Using Cereal Based Extenders

D. Maheswara Reddy A. Jagadeesh Babu S.Vani B. Eswara Rao
Vol 7(5), 203-208

Many trials were conducted for incorporating the appropriate binder at right percentage for the development of value added chicken meat sausages. Three different binders viz. sorghum flour, oat flour and barley flour each at three different levels viz., 3, 6 and 9 percentages were added to prepare the value added chicken meat sausages to select a binder at its optimum desirable level. Among different treatments chicken meat sausages incorporated with oat flour at 9 percent level had significantly (p<0.01) higher percent of moisture as well as crude fiber and lower percent of crude fat. Similarly, the organoleptic scores for flavor, juiciness, tenderness and overall acceptability were also significantly higher for 9% oat flour incorporated chicken meat sausages compared to rest of the formulations. Dietary fiber supplementations through this product not only provides health benefit effects but also increase the bulk and prevent cooking loss in meat products by enhancing water binding capabilities. Hence incorporation of oat flour at 9 percent level in chicken meat sausages was considered to be optimum with all the desired qualities of value added chicken meat sausages.

Keywords : Chicken Meat Sausages Sorghum Oat and Barley Flours Proximate Analysis Dietary Fiber Value Addition

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