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In-Silico Evaluation of Druggability Prioritization Targets of Salmonella Gallinarum viz Gallus Gallus

Bichamma Viragadindla Gopala Reddy Vijay Kumar Matham Usharani Karatlapalli Anil Kumar Rathod Laskshman Mekala
Vol 7(7) 269-279

An experimental study was conducted to evaluate the druggability prioritization targets of salmonella gallinarum in Gallus gallus. Total proteome of pathogen Vs host comparison using comparative genomics was done followed by protein docking of the target proteins of the pathogen and drug target identificationandthen calculation of drug prioritization parameters for therapeutic target. 3965 proteins of S. gallinarum were compared with 24068 proteins of Gallus gallus using BLASTP analysis. The dockingresultsshowedpositiveligandposesforproteins1L50posed with ligands 142, 152, 316 ,477,1114 and atovaquone, ethambutol, olsalazine, protein 1MDZ posed with ligands 152, 388 and ethambutol, olsalazine, protein 1R30 posed with ligands 152,157,273,477,598,701,1039,1114 and atovaquone, ethambutol,olsalazine, lenvatinib, Protein 1XVT posed with ligands 152,157,477,701,1039,1114 and 1197.protein 2KHO posed with ligands 152 and atovaquone, olsalazine, ponatinib, protein 2QVR posed with ligands 142, 152, 273, 316, 388, 477,598, 674, 1114, 1197 and 1213.protein 3E74 posed with ligands 157,477,701 and lenvatinib, Protein 3H8A posed with ligand ponatinib and protein 4ADE posed with ligands ponatinib and 157. The results of the study revealed potential drug targets for developing novel molecules against Salmonella gallinarum and resulted in identification of novel molecules.

Keywords : In-silico Durggability Salmonella gallinarum Gallus gallus

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