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In Vitro Capacitation of Boar Spermatozoa: Role of Heparin

Ainul Haque Kutubuddin Ahmed Dhireswar Kalita Shantanu Tamuly Dibyajyoti Talukdar
Vol 9(3), 112-118

The aim of this study was to evaluate heparin induced in vitro capacitation associated changes in spermatozoa of crossbred Hampshire boar. Therefore, freshly ejaculated and washed spermatozoa of 4 Hampshire boar were in vitro capacitated in TALP medium supplemented with BSA, heparin and hepes buffer at a concentration of 6 × 109 spermatozoa/ml at 37 ºC for 5 hours. Capacitation status of spermatozoa in terms of the hyperactivated motility, acrosome membrane integrity, total hypomostic swelling test (HOST) reacted spermatozoa, sperm membrane protein (SMP) and cholesterol content were estimated for each ejaculate at 1 hour interval starting from 0 to 5 hours of incubation. The results revealed that the highest hyperactivation of spermatozoa (71.86 ± 1.55%) was recorded at 4 hours of incubation while the percentage of detached acrosome, HOST reacted spermatozoa, SMP, cholesterol levels decreased significantly (P < 0.01) with increasing period of incubation. In conclusion, heparin induces in vitro capacitation changes in the boar spermatozoa as evident by highest hyperactivation of spermatozoa at 4 hours of incubation.

Keywords : Functional Integrity Hampshire Boar Spermatozoa Heparin In-Vitro Capacitation

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