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In vitro Development Competence of Buffalo Oocytes: Effect of Oocytes Quality on Maturation, Embryonic Developments and Apoptosis

Lalit M Jeena Dharmendra Kumar Sandeep Rahangdale Ajit P Singh Bikash C Sarkhel
Vol 8(11), 73-80

The present study undertaken to assess the effect of different grades of cumulus-oocyte complexes (COC’s) on in vitro maturation and embryonic development along with apoptosis changes by confocal microscope. The A and B grade of COC’s were recovered from slaughterhouse derived ovaries on the basis of cumulus mass. A total 1229 COC’s were recovered from 428 ovaries, out of which 25.14% were of grade A and 44.18% of grade B. In vitro fertilization of grade A COC’s produced significantly higher rate of cleavage and blastocyst (89.99±1.49% and 41.99±1.82%) as compared to grade B (81.33±0.81% and 30.66±1.63%). The low rate of embryonic development in grade B COC’s might be due to higher incidence of apoptosis (36.66±4.31vs26.66±2.63) as compared to grade A as observed by Annexin-V/Propidium iodide stating under confocal microscope. Thus, our study concluded that the cumulus mass had significant impact on different developmental processes of oocytes, fertilization and embryonic developments.

Keywords : Apoptosis Buffalo Cumulus-Oocyte Complex’s (COC’s) In vitro Fertilization

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