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Incidence of Latent Mastitis in Buffaloes of Jabalpur Region of Madhya Pradesh

Kumar Mohit M.L.V. Rao P.C. Shukla M.A. Qadri
Vol 2(3), 138-139

Latent mastitis in lactating animals is a condition characterized not only by the presence of pathogens in the udder but also by changes in the biochemical profile in the milk. It causes decrease in milk quality and its market value as well as it is responsible for up to 70% of losses in mastitis (Ahmed et al., 2008). Latent mastitis causes great economic losses than clinical mastitis (Joshi and Gokhale, 2006). The prevalence of latent mastitis has increased enormously in India in the recent years (Tiwari and Sisodia, 2000). The latent form of mastitis is more difficult to identify and can only be diagnosed by a variety of direct or indirect laboratory tests. The detection of latent mastitis happens to be first pre-requisite of a modern dairy establishment. If the owner wishes to avoid the economic losses in their herd early detection of latent mastitis has always been a matter of great curiosity since latent mastitis shows no gross signs of inflammation. Even though the treatment of mastitis was undertaken; some cases will end up in failure. This may be due to the late commencement of the treatment, improper antibiotic and resistance of the pathogen to the antibiotic.

Keywords : latent mastitis buffaloe

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