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Inclusion of Oat Hulls as a Source of Insoluble Fiber in Broiler Diet- An Alternative to AGP

Vijaysinh Dhansing Lonkar Ajit Shankar Ranade Vinod Ramkrishna Kulkarni Chandrakant Bhimashankar Pathak
Vol 8(10), 252-264

Inclusion of 2.00 % oat hulls (OH) as natural insoluble fiber (IF) source in broiler diet with or without antibiotic growth promoters (AGP) use was studied on broiler performance for six weeks. Day-old chicks (n=315) were assigned to A, B, C, D and E groups containing 63 chicks in each, where A was control with AGP. Groups B, C, D and E were fed with 2.00 % OH with or without AGP, however D and E were low in calorie-protein. Growth performance was comparable between 2.00% OH without AGP groups (C and E) and with AGP groups (B and D). The IF from OH decreased gizzard pH and increased gizzard weight and width. Inclusion of 2.00 % OH in broiler diet showed significant improvement in Ready-to-Cook yield and numerical improvement in carcass eviscerated and giblet yield. The AGP can be replaced with OH as source of natural IF in broiler diet.

Keywords : Oat Hulls Insoluble Fiber Broiler Chicken

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