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Influence of Different Level of Egg Yolk on Cryopreservation of Hariana Bull Spermatozoa

Vikas Sachan Vipin Sonker Atul Saxena
Vol 7(5), 146-154

This study has been conducted to evaluate the effect of inclusion of different levels of egg yolk (12%, 16% and 20%) in Tris-diluent on the viability, progressive motility, membrane integrity and acrosomal damage of Hariana bull spermatozoa at various stages of cryopreservation. 32 seminal ejaculates from 4 bulls (8x4) were subjected to cryopreservation and thawing process and evaluated with various tests at three different stages of freezing and thawing process (After dilution, after equilibration and after thawing). Statistical analysis was done as per the standard procedure (Snadocor and Cocharan, 1967). The mean percentage of live spermatozoa, progressive motile, HOST positive and sperms with intact acrosome were significantly higher (P<0.01) in diluents containing 16% and 20% egg yolk than in diluents having 12% egg yolk after dilution. While there was no significant difference in seminal attributes diluted with 16% and 20% egg yolk after dilution. Similar type of pattern was obtained after equilibration as well as after thawing. In conclusion, tris diluent containing 16% and 20% egg yolk provide better protection to sperms during cryopreservation than diluents containing 12% egg yolk. Furthermore concentration of egg yolk can be reduced from 20% to 16% in tris-diluent without any significant damage to sperms.

Keywords : Hariana Bull Egg Yolk Cryopreservation Viability Progressive Motility Membrane Integrity Acrosomal Integrity

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