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Influence of Different Levels of Energy and Protein Diets on Immunity Status of Swarnadhara Grower Parent Stock

N. Suma B. S. Venkatarami Reddy
Vol 10(3), 184-189

The present study was designed to standardize the energy and protein levels in diet of Swarnadhara female parent stock during growing period. An experiment was conducted using 384 Swarnadhara female parent stock (13–20 weeks age) for 56 days. Four grower mash diets were formulated to inter-relate energy (2500/2400 kcal ME/kg) with protein (16/15% CP) at variable levels (2500kcal ME/kg/16 % CP –T1; 2500kcal ME/kg/15 % CP –T2; 2400kcal ME/kg/16 % CP –T3 and 2400kcal ME/kg/15 % CP –T4). Birds were divided into 32 replicates of 12 birds each and the above said four diets were offered randomly to 8 replicate groups. All the experimental birds were maintained under deep litter system with identical managemental conditions. Serum was separated from the blood collected in two birds of each replication at every 28-day interval. Results revealed that overall mean antibody titers against Newcastle disease ranged significantly (P<0.05) from 103 (T2) to 328 (T4). However, pooled mean ELISA titers varied non-significantly (P<0.05) from as low as 6411 (T3) to as high as 7594 (T4). Results concluded that 2400kcal ME/kg/15 % CP –T4in the diet (T4) tended to enhance the antibody titers against Newcastle disease as well as against infectious Bursal disease.

Keywords : Antibody Titers Deep Litter System Grower Mash Diets Serum Swarnadhara

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