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Influence of Immunocompetence Levels on Layer Economic Traits in Rhode Island Red Chicken

Abdul Rahim Sanjeev Kumar Ananta Kumar Das Jowel Debnath
Vol 9(3), 320-324

This investigation was carried out to study the influence of immunocompetence levels of layers on its economic performance traits after long term selection in Rhode Island Red chicken (selected strain) maintained at experimental layer farm of ICAR-CARI, Izatnagar. Hundred (100) chicks of five weeks age were immunized with 1% (v/v) sterile sheep erythrocytes suspension (SRBC). In vivo antibody response to SRBC, serum lysozyme and serum IgG concentrations were estimated through haemagglutination (HA) test, lysoplate and single radial immunodiffusion assays, respectively and were classified into high, medium and low levels of immunocompetence based on their means and standard deviations. Layer performance data under various immunocompetence levels were analyzed by least squares analysis of variance. The least squares means of HA titre, serum lysozyme and serum IgG concentrations were 9.33±0.34, 4.42±0.18 μg/ml and 8.72±0.41 μg/μl, respectively. Pullets with high serum lysozyme concentration laid highest (P<0.05) number of eggs upto 64 weeks of age followed by those with medium and then low levels of lysozyme concentration. HA titre and serum IgG levels had no significant association with any production traits. The output of this investigation might be useful for the layer breeders when its genetic improvement is concerned for its production and protection status.

Keywords : Association HA titre Layer Performance Traits RIR Chicken Serum Lysozyme IgG

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