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Influence of Parental Plumage Pattern on Progeny Performance

B.G. Veerannagowda G. T. Gopala M. Harisha
Vol 7(5), 140-145

A study was carried out with the objective to ascertain association between different plumage patterns with traits of economic importance and their progeny performance. The study comprised of 360 pullets and sixty cockerels classified into eleven plumage patterns. From the parents, 465 chicks were obtained and reared as per parental plumage group. The findings strongly favoured coloured plumage in parent stock in preference to white plumage for economic efficiency. Parents with coloured plumage showed better hatchability, better performance with respect to body weight and survivability. This study is helpful to replace indigenous unproductive varieties with coloured plumage birds with good performance and survivability.

Keywords : Parental Plumage Progeny Performance

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