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Influence of Season on Quality of Cow Milk of Organized and Unorganized Dairy Farms of Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh

Deepak Kumar Verma Ram Pal Singh Neeraj
Vol 8(7), 176-181

The present study was undertaken on “Influence of season on quality of cow milk produced of organized & unorganized dairy farms of Allahabad” on healthy cows 20 (H.F Crosses) each from organized (SHIATS) & unorganized (Kushwaha) dairy farm Allahabad. All cows were housed in tail to tail barn under similar management conditions. All sanitary precautions were undertaken to produce clean milk by dry full hand method of milking. Representative samples of 200 ml milk were collected in different season’s viz. summer, rainy and winter season. Samples of fresh milk drawn from the udder were analyzed for fat, protein, lactose, ash, solid not fat (SNF), total solid (T.S.), water, acidity percent and It was summed up that the season had significant effect on Fat, Lactose, Ash, TS,, Acidity and the percentage of water at scientific (organized) dairy farm and non-significant effect on Protein and SNF. Similarly season has a significant effect on Fat, Ash, Specific gravity and Acidity percentage at Un-organized dairy farm and non-significant effect on SNF, Protein, Lactose, T.S, and Water.

Keywords : H.F. Crosses Milk Quality Season of Milk

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