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Influence of Pig Farming in Livelihood Improvement of Farmers in Meghalaya

F. R. Shadap K. K. Saharia L. Bora C. Debbarman A. Chakraborty R. Pyrtuh
Vol 7(7) 261-268

The study was designed to assess the socio-personal and economic attributes of pig farmers in West Jaintia Hills District of Meghalaya, India and to gauge the impact of pig farming on their livelihood improvement. Hundred farmers from two development blocks were selected randomly on the basis of proportionate random sampling and interviewed with the help of a structured, pre-tested, reliable and valid interview schedule. Tools of analysis include descriptive statistics such as percentages, means, ranges and correlation. Results of analysis revealed majority of the pig farmers (58.00%) to be male and in middle age category of 30-47 years with 10.13 years of farming experience. Certain socio-economic characteristics of the respondents were found to be significantly related to improvement in livelihood because of rearing livestock and poultry. Majority (74.00%) of the respondents felt that there was relatively large degree of improvement of their livelihood in terms of education and exposure, food & nutrition and health & sanitation.

Keywords : Pig Farming Socio-economic Livelihood Meghalaya

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