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Innovating Institutional Support for Sustainable Production of Dairy Industry in the Changing Paradigms

Ashish Kumar Shambhvi
Vol 7(5), 50-59

The Indian population and the agricultural sector is at the cross roads of industrial evolution with unorganized rural farmer at one side to organised industries on the other. The demand for the agricultural products specially the livestock products has increased in the last few decades and is expected to increase over the coming time. As a result the agricultural practices in India are becoming more intensive with the passage of time. However, with the limited resources, the environmental and health concerns have started acting as the limiting factors. In the current scenario there is the challenge is to find ways of increasing productivity to meet the food security, along with sustainability. This paper reconnoiters the dairy industry as the base for the study. The government as the central agency is often struck in terms of developing policies, programmes, quality control parameters etc. due to the wide diversity prevalent in the country. Scientifically and economically linked integrated crop/livestock systems can play a significant role in improving milk security and the environmental issues but will require innovative and appropriate technological developments, institutional arrangements and supportive policies so as to fulfill that potential in the coming decades.

Keywords : Agri-commodity Value Chain Sustainable Development Dairy Industry Institutional Building Farmers India

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