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Intraperitoneal Application of Honey for Preventing Postoperative Intra-Abdominal Adhesions in Rabbits

B. Konwar L. Chang B. Saikia M. C. Lallianchhuanga K. Sarma R. Paul
Vol 9(9), 122-129

The present study was conducted to evaluate the anti-adhesive properties of honey in preventing postoperative intraperitoneal adhesions in rabbits. Twelve healthy rabbits of either sex were randomly divided into two groups (Group C and T), comprising of 6 rabbits in each. Laparotomy was performed under anaesthesia in all the rabbits and scarification of caecum and ileum was performed. Honey was applied on the scarified surface in group T and no treatment was provided in group C. Evaluation for intraperitoneal adhesions carried out 10th and 21st post-operative day by reopening the abdomen revealed adhesion formation in four rabbits in group C compares to two in group T.

Keywords : Honey Intraperitoneal Adhesions Laparotomy Rabbit

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