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An Investigation of Livestock Infrastructural Facilities and its Impact on Milk Output in Rajasthan

Shwetha Soju G. L. Meena
Vol 7(11), 262-272

The present investigation was carried out to investigate the livestock infrastructural facilities and its impact on milk output in Rajasthan in the year 2016. The study is based on secondary data collected from different sources for different years since, 1982 onwards. Tabular analysis and functional analysis were employed to analyse the data of study. The results of study indicated that major contributing factor in milk output was population effect of the milch animal followed by the yield effect and interaction effect. Considering the infrastructural facilities in Rajasthan, it was found that the number of veterinary hospitals and artificial insemination centers have increased during the study period, while the numbers of dispensaries and mobile veterinary clinics have been constant and declining. The facilities made available in terms of number of adult cattle units served and area covered per veterinary institute have decreased during the study period. The number of artificial insemination, castration and treatment done have declined. The area under fodder cultivation had increased, while the area under range land had decreased, thus an increase in grazing pressure and decrease in grazing intensity. The numbers of DCS and their members have increased and milk procured per day per DCS has decreased during study period. The numbers of animals brought to the fairs and selling of animals in fairs have decreased during study period. In-milk animal and rainfall have positive and significant impact on milk output, while the area under permanent pasture have significant and negative impact on milk output.

Keywords : Cattle Fair Dairy Cooperatives Grazing Pressure Infrastructural Facilities Milk Output Performance Indicators

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