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Ionized Calcium and Electrolyte Profile in Downer Cows- A Retrospective Study of 50 Cases (2016-2018)

S. Yogeshpriya P. Selvaraj P. K. Ramkumar K. Jayalakshmi T. Arulkumar
Vol 9(3),73-77

The present study was designed to evaluate ionized calcium and other electrolyte parameters of crossbred dairy downer cows in dried up Cauvery Delta region of Tamil Nadu. Downer cow syndrome (DCS) is an important condition of dairy cows which occurs following hypocalemic parturient paresis. Animals brought to the Large Animal Medicine Referral Unit, Orathanadu with the complaint of inability to rise were selected for this study. Those animals didn’t have any musculoskeletal and gastrointestinal disorders were chosen in this study for a period of two years. Blood samples were collected and serum electrolytes like Potassium (K), Sodium (Na), Chloride (Cl), ionized calcium (iCa) and total calcium (TCa) along with pH were analyzed. The results were compared with normal control group. When compare to the healthy animals significant variations were observed in potassium and ionized calcium values of recumbent cows at p<0.05 level. From this study we conclude that the decreased level of potassium exist along with lower ionised calcium values. Hence, considering potassium therapy is essential in downer cows of delta region of Tamil Nadu.

Keywords : Downer Cows Electrolyte Profile Hypokalemia Ionized Calcium

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