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Job Expectation and Job Satisfaction of Field Veterinarian in Middle Gujarat

Shakti Ranjan Panigrahy Dilip Vahoniya Savan Padaliya
Vol 8(12), 296-301

Stress is an integral part of today’s life and field veterinarians are dwelling under stress many a times due to their job structure and working process. Competitive environment not only increase the expectation but also add stress in routine fashion. In this context, 56 veterinary doctors were interviewed with twenty third structured statements in middle Gujarat. Data were collected and introspected. All data were analyzed through principal component analysis that is a data reduction technique. Five factors have been generated that compiled all expectation and satisfaction of field veterinarians. Salary and welfare of the employees are found to be prime expectation for fulfillment of satisfaction level of the veterinarians in their organization. After that transparent working culture and employee growth meets their satisfaction level. Internal working environment, effective job analysis and proper work load structure improves the satisfaction level of field veterinarian in an organization.

Keywords : Job Satisfaction Field Veterinarians Principal Component Analysis

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