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Job Satisfaction of Field Extension Functionaries in Promotion of Public Private Partnership Model of Dairy Farming

Khusboo Raj K. Ponnusamy Raja Yadav C. N. Kishore Mehrunnissa Begum
Vol 9(12), 142-150

The study was undertaken during 2017-18 in Kaithal, Hissar and Mahendragarh districts which represent three different “Agro-climatic zones” of Haryana, where Public Private Partnership (PPP) model is operating and providing service in the field of dairying to assess the job satisfaction of private extension functionaries (Gopal) employed by J. K. Trust Gram Vikash Yojna which is running under Public Private Partnership Model (PPP) with Department of Animal Husbandry, Government of Haryana. A total 225 respondents were interviewed to collect data. Ex post facto research design was used for study. Majority (91.10%) of Gopal were highly satisfied with their Artificial Insemination (AI) performance in cow/buffalo indicating their job satisfaction. Majority (95.55%) of Gopal was highly satisfied with their task of carrying semen in hygienic condition to ensure good success rate of A.I. Majority (64.44%) of Gopal were not satisfied with their task on arranging the semen on the demand of client and one fifth (20%) of Gopal did not get satisfaction on doing A.I based on available semen. Therefore, motivation of private extension functionaries is required to look into the constraints faced by them for carrying out timely veterinary services.

Keywords : Gram Vikash Yojna Field Extension Functionaries Job Satisfaction Public Private Partnership

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