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Livestock Diseases in Sub-Himalayan Temperate Region – a Garrett’s Ranking Analysis

H. R. Meena Hira Ram Pankaj Seth
Vol 2(1), 160-172

Livestock rearing is an integral component of the rural economy of sub-Himalayan region and it acquires special importance in mountain farming system. Rearing of livestock’s in the hilly region is more difficult in comparison to the plain areas. Some of the basic problems for animal rearing in hilly regions, like shortage of feed and fodder, low productivity of animals and poor conception rate of the artificial insemination have been reported as major problem in the past. Fifteen clusters of villages were identified and selected for the purpose of study. In general, these villages are located at 32.6oN (latitude); 76.3oE (longitude); 1,290.8 m (altitude). The area is characterized by mild summer and moderate to severe winter having the mean monthly minimum temperature varying from 5.0±0.9 oC in January to 20.4±1.2 oC in June. Garett’s ranking technique was followed to analyse the particular problem or disease perceived by the farmers as well as identify by the multidiscipline teams in livestock. In cattle, highest incidence of haematuria (16.74%) was recorded followed by repeat breeding (14.97%). Whereas in case of buffalo emaciation / weakness (17.24%), GI parasitic infections (16.09%), and tick/ lice infestation (16.09%) were the major problems and having 1st, 2nd, and 3rd ranks, respectively. Parasitic infections (36.84%), diarrhoea/ dysentery (31.57%) and tick / lice infestation (14.03%) were recorded as major problem in goats. The major disease/ disorder observed in bullocks were haematuria (28.23%), urinary problem (24.70%) and parasitic infestation (16.47 %) and ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively. In the horse/ ponies parasitic infestation (37.93%) followed by weakness (24.13%) and tick/ lice infestation (17.24%) and Parasitic infections (31.81%) followed by mange (27.27%) were the major health problem in the pet’s animals having 1st and 2nd ranks. The study in lighted the animal health scenario in the region.

Keywords : livestock farmers Livestock farming animal diseases Constraints Hills

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