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Logistic Regression Model for the Predisposing Factors for Occurrence of Ketosis in Dairy Animals in Karur and Namakkal Districts of Tamil Nadu

V. Senthilkumar
Vol 8(6), 212-217

Ketosis disease condition cause severe economic losses in terms of heavy reduction in milk yield. In the present study, logistic regression model was employed to estimate the probability of a particular dairy animal affected with ketosis or not. Namakkal and Karur districts of Tamil Nadu were purposively selected for the present study, a total of 30 (22 cow and 8 buffalo) ketosis affected dairy animals were selected through purposive sampling technique from these districts. The log odds of the animal going to be affected by ketosis increased by 9.526 times, when the parity of the animal was changed from 0 to 1. When other indicator variable namely stage of mid lactation influenced the log odds of the milch animal for being affected by the ketosis was at the tune of 110.002 times and one unit increase in milk yield would favour the occurrence of ketosis by 3.00 per cent.

Keywords : Ketosis Logistic regression and Probability

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