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Management of Actinomycosis in Bovines

A. Iqbal G. Mustafa A. K.Tripathi J. S. Soodan M. Irfan
Vol 2(1), 226-229

Actinomycosis, or lumpy jaw, is an important cause of economic losses in livestock because of its widespread occurrence and poor response to the routine clinical treatment. The present study describes a typical case of bovine actinomycosis in a 2 year cross bred heifer with a hard swelling at the level of second molar teeth on right ramus of mandible. Halitosis was also present. Tentative diagnosis was made through clinical signs. Carefull exploration of pus revealed a single whitish-yellow pinhead sized sulphur granule. Antibiotic therapy of broad-spectrum antibiotic was administered intramuscularly for five days.

Keywords : Actinomycosis Sulphur granules lumpy jaw Treatment

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