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Marketing Practices and Constraints in Backyard Poultry Farming in the Hills of Mizoram

Francis Lalrinmawia Sailo Saidur Rahman
Vol 7(11), 200-205

The present study was undertaken to know the marketing practices and constraints in backyard poultry farming in Mizoram, covering two districts, four developmental blocks, 20 villages and a total of 100 respondents. Data were collected through personal interview. The results obtained from the study indicated that farmers kept the eggs mainly for hatching and produced the chicken for sale. The modes of transportation of chickens were by bamboo made casket. Poultry owners marketed the eggs and birds at own home by themselves when they needed money. The price of one egg was found to Rs.9.98 on average while the price of mature male was Rs. 660/- and mature female was Rs.590/- respectively. High mortality due to disease outbreak, complaint by neighbors and predators problem was the main constraints in backyard poultry farming as perceived by the respondents.

Keywords : Backyard Constraint Farmer Market Mizoram Poultry

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