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Metabolic Heat Production and Methane Energy Loss in Growing Zebu and Crossbred Cattle under Tropical Climatic Condition

Sunil Kumar S. V. Singh Jyoti Kumari
Vol 8(5), 229-238

Indirect calorimetry was used to estimate metabolic heat production and methane energy loss from Tharparkar and Karan Fries (Holstein Friesian × Tharparkar) cattle in tropical climate by putting the animals in respiration calorimeter chamber. In the present study, Concentration of CH4, O2 and CO2 were measured in ambient air as well as in outlet air from the chamber by keeping the animals inside them. The data were recorded after 1 hours of feeding continuously for 6 hours at the interval of 1 minute for five days to decrease the random error. Physiological responses i.e. respiration rate and heart rate was significantly whereas rectal temperature was non significantly higher in Karan Fries as compared to Tharparkar cattle. Metabolic heat production and methane emission was significantly higher in Karan Fries (9.43 kcl/min & 122.93 L/day) than Tharparkar (4.72 kcal/min & 40.01 L/day) respectively. The finding of study showed the better adaptability of zebu breeds to tropical climatic condition in terms of metabolic heat and methane production as compared to crossbred cattle.

Keywords : Heat production Karan Fries Methane Physiological Tharparkar

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