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Microbial and Sensory Evaluation of Value Added Paneer Products Incorporated With Soy Milk and Mint Flavour

Malarkannan S. P. Ranjith Kumar R. Seetha. R
Vol 8(4), 128-137

The present study was aimed to evaluate the optimum inclusion level of soy milk with mint flavour for value preparation of value added paneer. The paneer products prepared by incorporation of soy milk at 10, 20 and 30 percent levels with mint flavour at2 percent level were tested for microbial and sensory properties. Analysis of the data for total bacterial count and yeast and mould count revealed a significant difference between control and treatment and between treatments whereas non-significant difference was observed in the Coliform counts of the samples. In sensory evaluation, scores with regard to flavour, body and texture, packing and overall acceptability did not differ significantly between control and treatments and between treatments indicating that addition of soy milk at different level did not produce a significant change in the quality of paneer. However, colour and appearance scores of the product differed significantly between control and treatments and within treatments. Based on the results, it was recommended that paneer can be prepared by incorporating 30 per cent soy milk with two per cent mint flavour to reduce the cost of production without altering the overall acceptability of the consumers.

Keywords : Microbial Soypaneer Sensory Quality

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