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Milk Production, Consumption and Disposal Pattern of Women Dairy Cooperative Society Members in Jaipur (Rajasthan)

Virendra Singh Sanjay Kumar Rewani Sunil Rajoria Sajad Ahmed Wani Narendra Singh Manisha Singodia
Vol 8(11), 190-194

The present study was carried out on 120 randomly selected Women Dairy Cooperative Society (WDCS) members in Jaipur district of Rajasthan to assess their milk production, consumption and disposal pattern. The study revealed that 73.33 and 65.00 per cent respondents were having medium category of milk production and consumption, respectively. The average daily milk production and consumption per household in the study area was found to be 24.78 and 3.55 litres per day, respectively. Respondents were utilizing 19.27 per cent of daily milk production for making ghee and 9.82 per cent for dahi. Majority of them (78.33%) were disposing off their marketed surplus milk to cooperative societies only, but a considerable proportion of the members were disposing off their milk to other agencies like private milk dairies (9.17%), milk vendors (6.67%) and direct consumers (5.83%) and were getting maximum price by selling their milk directly to consumers (Rs. 33.14/litre).

Keywords : Consumption Disposal Production Women Dairy Cooperative Society

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