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Milking Behaviour Responses of Primiparous and Multiparous Gir Cows in Early Lactation

Rakesh V. Vora Navin B. Patel Goswami Mayank Parth Kumar B. Patel
Vol 9(5), 75-82

The main objective of this study was to examine effect of parity over dairy temperament and milk yield and milk let down time. 6 multiparous and 6 primiparous Gir cows were involved in the research conducted on Bhestan farm, Surat. Milking temperament was scored by direct human observation on 5-point scale during milking. Multiparous cows (1.29±0.10) showed docile dairy temperament than primiparous cows (1.79±0.13). Milk yield in kilogram was recorded twice daily, throughout the experiment with addition of milk suckled by Gir calf. Milk yield (kg.) of multiparous was significantly (p<0.05) higher in multiparous cows (6.81±0.41) as compared to primiparous cows (5.63±0.13). The milk let down time (sec.) was significantly (p<0.05) higher in primiparous cows (71.78±0.76) as compared to multiparous cows (57.25±1.04). Milking temperament was negatively correlated with milk yield but positively correlated with the milk let down time. Moreover, milk yield was negatively correlated with milk let down time.

Keywords : Dairy Temperament Gir Cow Milk Yield Milk Let Down Time Multiparous Parity Primiparous

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