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Modern Approach in Animal Breeding by Use of Advanced Molecular Genetic Techniques

Vaishali Khare Ankur Khare
Vol 7(5), 1-22

Genetic progress for quantitative traits in livestock made by selection on phenotype or on estimated breeding value, is successful but, limitations like routinely recording of phenotypes, sacrifice of animal for meat quality traits, recording in a particular sex for sex limited traits etc constraints the amount of genetic progress made through conventional selection and breeding method. Molecular techniques are almost free from above mentioned limitations, if applied with care. Molecular techniques like detection of DNA-level polymorphism by restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP), AFLP, SNP and a number of molecular markers are frequently used to improve animal performance, both knock-out and over-expression of a gene provided better understanding of gene and its relevance to animal physiology, RNA interference is used to “silent” undesired disease specific genes in domestic animals and avian species, Mitochondrial DNA markers are useful for studying evolutionary relationships among taxa, DNA bar-coding emerged as a powerful strategy for species identification.

Keywords : Estimated Breeding Value RFLP AFLP SNP DNA bar-coding Conventional Breeding

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