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Molecular Characterization of Interleukin-8 (IL-8) gene in Jaffarabadi Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)

Vilas B Dongre Anshu R Ahlawat Gokul S Sonawane
Vol 7(9), 80-84

The present study was undertaken in 60 Jaffarabadi buffaloes for molecular characterization of the coding regions of Interleukin 8 gene through PCR-RFLP technique and also to study its association with occurrence of mastitis. A set of primers were designed by using primer-3 software covering 853 bp nucleotides of IL-8 gene for Jaffarabadi buffalo. The PCR-RFLP was done for all the samples using Hae III and Dra I restriction enzymes. The amplified fragments of exon-3 in Interleukin -8 gene exhibited monomorphism.

Keywords : Jaffarabadi Mastitis Restriction Enzymes

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