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Morphological Features of the Renal Collecting System in Goat (Capra hircus)**

N. Venumadhav D. Pramod Kumar N. Ramya N. Rajendranath
Vol 9(12), 187-197

Morphology of renal collecting system (RCS) of goat kidney was studied by macroscopic dissection and corrosion cast technique. Dissection was done with help of a magnifying lens and teasing needle. For corrosion cast technique, a mixture of cold cure self-polymerizing acrylic powder and solution was made in 1:2 ratio and injected into the ureter to obtain 3D endo-casts of RCS. These specimens were placed in 75% HCl until corrosion process was completed. Macroscopic and corrosion cast details of RCS of goats revealed a wide funnel shaped renal pelvis with 12 ‘U’ shaped recesses in a renal sinus. Their number varied from 12 to 15. Renal calices were absent in this species. Convex shaped renal crest was observed on mid line of renal pelvis on which several ducts opened. Mean length of right ureter was 31.55 ± 1.81cm which is significantly greater than the left ureter.

Keywords : Corrosion Cast Goat Renal Pelvis Renal Collecting System Ureter

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