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Morphometric and Reproductive Attributes of Local Pig of Mizoram

Girin Kalita Kalyan Sarma Saidur Rahman Dibyajyoti Talukdar and Fazal Ali Ahmed
Vol 8(2), 173-177

The aim of the study was to measure the phenotypic morphometric and reproductive parameters of Mizoram local pigs. The study was conducted through body measurement and by questionnaires. The results revealed that there was no significant difference in the phenotypic morphometric parameters between male and female pigs. Moreover, the male pigs showed non-significantly higher morphometric value than female pigs. The average age at first fertile service, average age at first furrowing, gestation period and service periods were 323.75 ± 9.90 days, 437.75 ± 9.41 days, 113.63 ± 0.53 days and 113.13 ±7.81 days respectively. These morphometric and reproductive analyses may be useful in the selection of breeding stock for future parents and the detail study and breeding plan may helpful to develop a new variety of pig.

Keywords : Mizoram Morphometric Pig Reproductive Attributes

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